Who’s The Hot Mess on The Red Carpet

March 8, 2014 12:50 pm

Who’s The Hot Mess on The Red Carpet

You’ve all heard and seen too much, and maybe even cried, about Leonardo DiCaprio not taking the golden lady home. But the Oscars 2014 came with more eye sores than that.
We do realize not every celebrity can dress to impress for the big night, but it’s appalling how some stars manage to depress the viewers and disgrace the red carpet! There are show stoppers – and then there are those who make you wish they didn’t show up!
Alas, for every Oscar gown, there is a fashion faux pas. So let’s see which celebrities need a ticket from the Fashion Police this year!

#1 Whoopi Goldberg

Whoops! She took comedy a little too seriously we assume!
We adore Whoopi Goldberg, but that mismatch of an oversized bloused with a strapless dress, a pair of black-and-white striped tights and red glittery shoes – it’s the perfect recipe to give fashion gurus a run for their lives!

#2 Anna Kendrick

A little birdie told us that Anna Kendrick and Kristen Bell dolled up together. Clearly, Kristen hogged the mirror. Is there any other explanation for this J.Mendel dress?
Put everything – one shoulder, asymmetrical lines, beading, slit – in one dress and poof! You’ve got made yourself the worst dress for the Oscar!

#3 Liza Minnelli

Yes, that did dress make us very blue. Seems like Liza was in such a hurry to hit the red carpet that she not only forgot to change out of her night suit, she even forgot to wear a bra.

#4 Jennifer Garner

Too. Much. Fringe.

#5 Penelope Cruz

How can a black and pink Giambattista Valli dress possibly get messed up? Well, seems like Penelope Cruz accepted the challenge!
Although the gown itself could’ve passed for being very chic, what ruined the whole beauty of it was the wacky, cathedral-length scarf (or whatever that was).


#6 Cristin Milioti

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star wore a Reem Acra ensemble. The ill-fitting pale gown was too pale for Cristin’s complexion – you have to look closely to figure where it actually starts from. And the wrinkles on the tail of the gown just make it worse.


#7 Anne Hathaway

Is that reflective breastplate there to blind the paparazzi? And here we though no one can go wrong with black! Thanks for proving us wrong Anne!


#8 Charlize Theron

While we picked up our jaws gazing at this stunner, our eyes fell on the thick, supposedly transparent straps, and our jaw slacked again. The shape of the ensemble is stunning but those straps should be banned worldwide.


#9 Pharrell Williams

That just left us in tears. And through our tears, we can’t really decide whether that outfit is ridiculous or very ridiculous. Just like Anne, Pharrell also proved us wrong when we thought he can just not go wrong with his fashion sense!


#10 Angelina Jolie

The Elie Saab Haute Couture didn’t work for us. No doubt Angie looked gorgeous, but the beaded metal gown would’ve looked better on the mother of a bride.

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