Zack Efron and his Neighbors Co-Star Halston Sage are Dating!

April 15, 2014 12:59 pm

Ladies, get ready for your hearts to be broken, because Zack Efron is officially taken by his Neighbors co-
star Halston Sage. The blue-eyed hunk set so many hearts afire when he took off his shirt on stage at the MTV

Movie Awards and revealed his rippling abs, thanks to Rita Ora. He also went on to kiss someone from the

audience. Women from all over the world tuned into the latest funny videos and other interesting things that

happened on the MTV Movie Awards, of which a shirtless Efron, seemed to be the biggest hit.

According to sources, Zack Efron and the super cute Halston Sage (pretty much hot) are definitely an item

and have been seeing each other during the filming of their movie. If they watch watch free music videos and

engage in celebrity news gossip videos together that is their own business.

A Strange Event to Attend

Ever since Efron went to rehab, the couple became closer, are now dating each other, and seem quite smitten

with each other. The same sources have revealed that all of Sage’s friends adore Efron and think that he is really

good to her. If this is just the latest Hollywood news and gossip then that is fine because the more happiness

the better.

The new couple were spotted earlier this month as they excitedly cheered from their courtside seats at the

Staples Center for Los Angeles Lakers. Why were they not watching the Clippers? Are they on drugs? The

Lakers are horrendous! Apparently, the good-looking duo were all smiles.

All Over the Place

Before Efron, Halston Sage was dating Chord Overstreet, who plays Sam Evans on the hit TV show Glee. The

Glee cast are famous for their own renditions of hit hip hop music videos and other genres of music. Ever since

Sage was spotted at the Lakers game with Efron and not engaging in any street bike stunts, she and Overstreet

announced that they had called it quits on their relationship. Before she dated Chord Overstreet, Halston Sage

was romantically linked to Dancing With the Stars contestant and Big Time Rush star James Maslow. Some

people just cannot be alone, they perhaps have low self-esteem.

Bad Times

Sage however, did know show up as Efron’s date for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. The High School Musical

star took LaQuishe Wright, social media manager for Neighbors, as his date instead. Zack Efron found himself

in rehab for an alleged cocaine addiction in 2013. You will never see this in any funny prank videos. He

should have chosen to be in a skateboard fail compilation since that would have helped him stay off drugs.

According to many sources, Efron has been focussed on getting his life and his career back on track ever since

he was released and is now completely committed to maintaining his sobriety. He is not free to watch all the

street bike stunts he wants.

Halston Sage’s career began in 2011, when she landed the role of Grace on the Nickelodeon TV series How to

Rock. The show was popular and focused on funny prank videos, like a lot of Nickelodeon’s content.

As long as Halston does not where any of those ridiculous high heeled shoes any more she will be just fine.

Benjamin Roussey

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