Kris Jenner Hospitalized

April 17, 2014 7:45 pm

The famous Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner had a small health scare on Wednesday, and was rushed to the

hospital, according to reports. Was he doing some street bike stunts? This was certainly not going to be a part

of stand up comedy videos.

Privacy Concerns

The mom-ager from the hit reality TV show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians, the show that sparks tons of

the latest funny videos on the Internet, was experiencing some internal pains and was taken to a hospital in

Thousand Oaks near her Calabasas home. The 58-year old mother of six also “got a scan for precautionary

reasons.” The details of Jenner’s medical matter were being kept private, according to sources.

Kris Jenner was accompanied by her estranged husband Bruce, who was by her side for moral support. In

October 2013, the couple announced that they were separating after 22 years of marriage. After their alleged

separation, Bruce Jenner reportedly moved out of their Calabasas home into a rented pad in Malibu. Perhaps he

wanted to watch funny videos online alone or enjoyed watching hip hop music videos a little too much.

But earlier this month, they sparked rumors of a reconciliation, after they were photographed hand-in-hand,

as they arrived at the airport after a family vacation. While Bruce Jenner continued to wear his wedding ring

through the separation, Kris Jenner was spotted wearing hers earlier this month, for the first time since they had

split. Perhaps they should go buy a dog and make some funny animal videos together so they can laugh and

spend some quality time together.

Kris Jenner is the mother of the gorgeous Kim Kardashian, who is dating rapper Kanye West. West is

famous for his forthright attitude and his hip hop music videos. Kris has always been very focused on health

and fitness. According to her celebrity chef, she lives healthy and follows the diet that is prescribed to her

religiously. Her diet will never be in any funny prank videos.

A Strong Diet

The diet is meant not for her to lose weight, but to maintain the healthy weight that she is in. According to

sources, Kris’ commitment to fitness is a serious one, and she has the body to prove it. The mother of six is in

great shape, even at the age of 58.

Kris Jenner might have a reason to get well soon, because in other news, popstar Selena Gomez is reportedly

considering Jenner as her new manager, a source close to Selena revealed. Watch free music videos of Selena

Gomez to see how the star has transformed from her cute Wizards of Waverly Place character to the smoking

hot bombshell she is today. According to sources, Selena wants Kris as her manager because she wants to “stay

close to people who are managing her friend’s careers.” By “her friends”, she is referring to the Jenner sisters

and Justin Bieber.

Selena wants to be taken seriously and not be a part of any funny news bloopers.

Benjamin Roussey

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